Advantage database server 9.1 keygen

advantage database server 9.1 keygen

Driver Installation, in order to use a database on an ADS remote server, you need to have the.
Fixed a bug that prominy sc electric guitar vsti serial may cause 4004 error when an index is built using expression with left right or substr.
This could result in 7020 errors being logged and possibly 7209 errors being returned to the client.Sybase Advantage DataBase Server.10 x86, x64 Delphi All Version 2010 Components.Replication Code - leave empty.Fixed an issue backing up tables with server names 15 characters long.Changed the default open behavior of files opened with Advantage proprietary locking.Fixed a bug that allowed tables to be deleted from the data dictionary while the table had active replication queue entries.
Fixed a bug that could cause 2111, "Out of range error being returned when the cast scalar is used to convert a value into SQL_binary or SQL_varbinary type without esp 9 module pdf specifying the precision of the result.
Fixed an issue in the Windows server installs where the values of the SQL_sort_buffer and MAX_cache_memory configuration values were not propagated during an upgrade.Fixed an issue in the server where it was possible for differential backups to corrupt the memo data in the backup table.Enhanced the SQL query engine to use available index to optimize year month DAY and empty scalar if the corresponding indexes are available.Fixed an issue that allowed tables to be removed from publications while pending entries for that table existed in replication queues, which could result in 9126 errors being logged.It could occur in very specific situations involving live cursors having where clauses exceeding 64K.Publications tables to return a relative path for the column Replication_Queue.Updated the server to not log spurious 70 errors during replication.