Ali bomaye the game clean

ali bomaye the game clean

Fuck you sayin bruh, Cause I'm a black man in a Phantom.
Humble yourself, you not a G, keep it one with yourself.
I dream big, I think sharp, Inhale smoke, Hawaiian tree bark.
Fell in love with a waitress, what the fuck I'm thinkin'!?2 Chainz: Yeah, roll another one cause I'm winnin In my four door lookin' real photogenic, Gentleman attire in threads that won't expire, I'm in a class of my own, my teacher got fired, Money cheat dual client perfect world indonesia getting' long, pussy rate keep risin Versace outfit cost.Run to niggas for help, favors I keep one on the shelf, I got rifles with lasers, swing it just like the Majors, Hit you right above navel, now you swimmin' in pavement, Gold medals on my neck, I call it Michael Phelps, Hoes settlin'.Uh, that's pimpin that's slick.Well, Imma fuck her til the springs break.Got two chains, they two-tone, two hundred racks, no lie.I'm bout to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye's.Nas Redes Sociais, no seu PC, parceiro Vagalume).Put my hands up?Chris Brown, veja o novo clipe, "Questions com legendas!
Got a bitch that look like Laila Ali sittin' in my lap, Got a call from Skateboard, pick em up at LAX.
Ayydé, born and nero vision xtra 10 crack serial raised in Long Beach, California, Ayydés radio broadcasting career began while she was a student at Long Beach City College.Bad bitches and d-boys, we bring em out, game editor software for pc If them niggas pussy, we douche em, we clean em out.This the voice of ghetto intelligence; if you got work, Go to work, don't work at your residence.Hook: Game Ali bomaye!My lawyer threw them gloves on and beat another case.