Carmageddon 2 save game

carmageddon 2 save game

Edit, when using a binary template, the hex dump is colored by following definitions done in template.
Int32 money fgcolorcRed, bgcolorcYellow int32 difficultyLevel comment"0easy, 1normal, 2hard" byte padding4; struct bought_cars int32 count fgcolorcRed, bgcolorcLtPurple int32 cars60 fgcolorcBlack, bgcolorcLtPurple, comment"Array of int32, one per car" boughtCars; int32 currentCar bgcolorcLtBlue int32 currentRace bgcolorcLtGreen int32 isMissionEnabled comment"Actually a boolean on 4 bytes fgcolorcWhite, bgcolorcDkGreen struct.
Byte unknown232 - Strlen(opponentFileName)-1; struct savedate char day2; char delim; char month2; char delim; char year4; saveDate fgcolorcBlue, bgcolorcLtAqua char filer222; struct savetime char hour2; / Char 1A SUB (substitute) char delim; char minute2; char delim; char second2; saveTime fgcolorcBlue, bgcolorcLtAqua byte unknown3426; / Must.
Selecting a line highlights corresponding bytes in hex view.This sub-page of, s covers information regarding the 010 Editor tool.Publisher : SCi, developer : Type : Action / Course, description: Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now on PC is a racing game in which you play a pilot lawless.The game features a time limit for each race can be increased by damaging your opponents or crushing pedestrians.Installation: Unzip Files into game folder.PC Carmageddon II : Carpocalypse Now Save Game.The title provides two ways to complete the victorious race: either through the finish head or destroying your opponents online.Template result, edit, when using a binary template, the hex values are output in a colored tree view.Could use string and then compute size of filler byte unknown114 - Strlen(playerName)-1; / Maybe 2 only, check with playerName in string type string opponentFileName bgcolorcLtPurple / Don't known what's this for?!010 Editor.0.1 Binary Template / / File : Carmageddon 2 Savegame / Purpose : Analyze savegame format / base work for Carmeditor 2-Rebirth (.2.x.x) / Author : Rudy Dullier / Shutting_Down / Revision : 12:49 / Wikia :.Powered by, bestGamer.1.2051.
Template, edit, binary template to easily analyze content of the file, this is a perfect tool to quickly see what's for what in raw hex mode.After running patch rename the save file back to S You also can run.The Official, carmageddon, community.Can't matrix calculator 3x3 inverse be bothered with the missions, and the save.I found has.#1931, #1944, #1945, #1946, #1947, #1948, #1949, #1950, #1951, #1955, #1956, #1958, #2385, #2386, #2388, #2389, #2390, #2391, #2392, #2393, #2394, #2401 and #2427 CVL (Certs.#1 Floating tropical line #2 Floating with clear sink tip 6-9 ft leaders with 20-30.#18 Multibotting: Es können nun mehrere Accounts über den Bot verwaltet werden.#2 in Humor August 13, 2016.