Crackdown 2 demo pc

crackdown 2 demo pc

There is almost no RenderWare code left in the game now, what little there is left we could not remove this time due to risk.
The depth pre-pass writes out a surface normal per pixel and during the opaque pass the shaders perform directional loretta chase lord of scoundrels pdf lighting but write out the brightness of the original diffuse colour to the alpha channel.
Digital Foundry: These days deferred rendering advanced funk studies pdf and light pre-pass in particular has gained an enormous amount of traction over the more traditional aviaddxsubs 9.11 for mac forward renderer.
An encore outing for this week's Digital Foundry Crackdown 2 demo performance analysis.Ruffian Games, staffed by many of the people who helped create the original game.For Crackdown 2 we completely replaced the editor too - the designers can finally see what the graphics actually look like while they are editing (pretty much anyway which is nice!By the end almost none of the rendering was using RenderWare.Transformers: War for Cybertron is on its way from Amazon and should be here by Thursday.On CD1 I mainly worked on optimising it - near the end we had to halve the resolution of the light pass to manage to keep the game near 30FPS at night.The game data was also edited using RenderWareStudio but towards the end of CD1 this started to become unworkable - it was never designed to edit open-world type games and you couldn't even really see what you were doing because the game rendering was.Indeed, the very first Digital Foundry feature in the now-regular Saturday slot was a tech retrospective of this very special game.
One downside is the requirement to write out the normals during the depth pass, but to be honest it became clear on CD2 that the depth pass was mainly bottlenecked by vertex processing anyway so it's actually quite a good trade-off.
On CD2 I optimised it again and managed to be able to put it back to full resolution, although the car headlights are still half resolution because it's easier to get into situations where they cover the entire screen.
Bearing in mind the "unique for its time" properties of the Crackdown engine, was edram a blessing or curse?A single yellow orb floats somewhere in the city and its up to the players to play keep away with it while bounding and blasting the streets of Pacific City.I'm not completely sold on fully deferred rendering because you are limited to what information you can store in the render targets and obviously more or larger render targets means lower performance.Janq: Actually the deferred lighting in Crackdown is basically a post effect.Then again, poor Cimmerian Brynulf has been trapped in Tortage for weeks longer than he should have been, and hes only one quest away from escaping.Strangely enough for Crackdown 2 that just didn't seem to be the case.I spent an hour with the demo and did not have fun.