Create db visual studio 2010

create db visual studio 2010

This class maps to the "Movie" table in our database, 271 finance star exemption and each property within it maps to a column with the table.
SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack.
On the Installation Type screen, choose "New installation or add shared features" and click Next Accept the license terms and click Next On the Feature Selection screen, choose Management Tools - Basic and click Next The rest should be next, next, next - I can't.Verify that the Customers table is the Primary key table and the Orders table is the Foreign key table, and verify that the CustomerID column is selected for both tables.Click Yes in the Save dialog box.To add tables to the database.Various team members can work on the schema objects at the same time without deploying them on production server. .Go there to know what it looks like.Step 3 : Let us create a schema and then add database objects to the new schema.We're going to create an Entity Model from our new database.
To check that everything went right, open the Output window, you should see something like that: Using the Server Explorer, we go to the database server: Our database is here and has the two tables we've defined.It does not matter if the database does not exist.Click Yes if a dialog box opens asking to create the required database objects for diagramming.Step 8: Add primary key to Trainings table with following script.Choose Save Table1 from the File menu.