Daagh drama episode 23

daagh drama episode 23

Deeba had little or no connection with Umama or her daughters but Murad certainly did.
Umama belongs to a middle-class family who lives with her parents and two sisters.Another query I have is what is the deal with those pictures of Deeba in a hijab?Haseeb) and then Murad had continually denied Umama.I was even less impressed by Murads little condemnation of her, as if she acted alone and he was just a passive bystander.His hair, his clothes are so perfect it was hard to connect them with the miserable expressions on sonar x1 producer edition serial his face.We dont see her in hijab in any scenes, was the serial even longer and those parts have been cut?Written by Sadaf bsite and its content is copyright of t Drama Pakistani 2011.
All in All I cannot say that such an intense drama was enjoyable but it was absorbing and so gripping I used to wait for it every Friday without fail, hoping for something better for Umama.It is known afterwards that Murad's sons were having developmental abnormalities.I wish writers would not use these diseases and illnesses win 7 portugues iso as a sign of divine retribution.If this is the kind of mentality a family has how can the daughter of the household be worth anything, How can they prove their significane or are they only meant to bare sons raise them?Eventually deeba gives birth to twin sons and gains importance in murad's eyes.