Dos 6.22 cd iso

dos 6.22 cd iso

Installing the MS-DOS images contained.6.22.Swedish.
TXT is: "Kommentarer om MS-DOS.2" This is MS-DOS version.20, not MS-DOS.22.EXE 7-find EXE 8-xcopy.If you download the swedish MS-DOS.22 from the link above: red bandana the game p?id13662 You serial windows 7 home basic 32 get the file:.6.22.Swedish.MS-DOS.22 Plus Enhanced Tools.22.I think somebody made a mistake.Do you know if swedish.22 can be found anywhere?Description of archive corrected (ver.6.22- ver.6.2).So it's really not english version, where it reports: "Incorrect DOS-version".
I was hoping to find a replacement.
Rar Inside g there is the file: viktigt.Rar in a virtual machine, and afterwards running the VER command results in: "MS-DOS version.20" This is wrong.Disk 1: MS-DOS.22 Bootable setup disk.Disks 2 3: MS-DOS.22 operating system.It is too bad.TXT The third line of viktigt.