Enterprise manager sql server 2000

enterprise manager sql server 2000

Check out the new toolset that comes with SQL Server 2000.
The options available change depending on what you've highlighted.Notice that two additional menu choices are available: Connect and Options.Choose these options carefully; they can really change your output, and you might easily forget you have set any options here.The default of displaying the text usually pads out all 128 characters with spaces if the names aren't fully used.With SQL Server 2000's client tools installed, bypassing the network libraries and using shared memory should happen automatically, even if you use the servername or servername instancename syntax to connect.Index is a sorted list of just about every keyword in the Books, arranged alphabetically.
You've configured your first registration for Enterprise Manager.
For historical reasons, this application's name is isqlw.
Figure.4 The SQL Server Service Manager utility.The results of your search are then displayed.Even for SQL Server 2000 computers, the server must have a certificate for the server installed.TIP If you highlight a command in the query window and then execute the query, just the highlighted text is run.Figure.25 The Current Connection Properties dialog.First, verify that the SQL Server service is running on the computer you are trying to log.Assuming that everything worked correctly, encryption should automatically start working the next time you start your SQL Server service.Optimizing Database Performance This book presents performance tuning information for SQL Server.Figure.23 Drag and drop from the Object huong dan game 7554 full Browser.When you click the down-arrow next to this button, you are presented with a drop-down list of options that determine how and where your results will appear when you run a query.