Europa universalis 3 patch

europa universalis 3 patch

Force_convert_mission uses this scope for idea modifers added this scope to live interior 3d 2.1.1 several missions in diplomatic and religious mission files hold_organ_concert checks owner scope for officials.
Steppe hordes get increased MP, a better shock bonus at home, and reduced unit costs.Mercenaries now reinforce, but are more expensive; both to buy and maintain - Lowered the effect of revolt risk on local tax a little bit - Fixed a problem with AI peace demands sometimes exceeding peace cost due to gold rounding - Added new modifier.Factions that cannot colonise get vastly reduced colonists.Fixed a few typos.Txt the Sibir are made into a steppe_horde and in the nomad tech group, like their neighbours corrected tax amounts in tooltip for vote_on_gemeinerpfennig_desc in v corrected factor10000 to factor1000 in Annex Egypt mission in Turkish_Missions.The tech group is now shown in the Economy View - The unit type tech is now shown in the Military View - Supply limit is now shown in a tooltip on the map when you got an army selected.Create now picks a female name if the level is 0 in an event effect.Changed the capital of province Hessen to Marburg Changed the capital of Hessen to Kassel after 1567 Fixed event 6415 (tax assessor) 10033 gives shogun influence, not HRE Fixed bug in "restore_emperor" decision Changed capital of Schwaben from Augsburg to Memmingen Fixed bug with "Manchu.
Tweaked view pod to pc transfer distances for better performance Fixed a crashbug in the outliner.Adjusted border of Acadia-Micmac to match modern Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border.Modify Infamy parameters in The Hanami Festival Sign from above (event 10009 /events/JapanEvents.Added nomad no to Allow condition of royal_marriage_mission in /missions/diplomatic.Niobar Isles is now disovered by people nearby.Txt easterm corrected to eastern on lines 22 commoncountriesJerusalem.Alliances with hordes will now expire properly.Way of the Tea now works properly.Updated some tooltips to correct reference to buildings.BYZ root para galaxy pocket plus s5301b has a core on Adana.