Fable 2 game save editor 0.6

fable 2 game save editor 0.6

Which can drastically reduce weapon damage.
Update 8/10/17:.2 is taking longer than I predicted, but there are more things in it being done than I originally planned.
Horizon is designed to be played over an entire playthrough from start to finish, and not intended to be removed in the middle (or added to an existing save game.) The mod covers almost every aspect of gameplay, with a large assortment of features: Medical.NOT the other way around.The economy of the Commonwealth actually feels more like a real thing now.Optional) Each stage requires building settlements up to a certain population and happiness rating (15 settlers at 75 happiness Each stage rewards a rank of a new perk called "Trailblazer plus 1 additional item reward Each stage also offers a choice of 1.S urvival tips Your health pool may be much larger than normal, but do NOT let this fool you into a false sense of security.Also note, you can use different types of brackets to change where it sorts, in case you want items on the bottom: (1star) - first 1star 1star 1star - last The full documention is so large, that it needed to be broken up into multiple.
Horizon also reduces some annoyances, like making you eat and drink so frequently.
These types of things are just unnecessary when the rest of the game is balanced better.
Trying to reach the next tier every 5 levels allows you to stop and take a breather and "train up" your character.Current Version:.1.4, horizon is a very large scale overhaul of Fallout 4 that rebalances and expands the gameplay from the ground. The horrifyingly painful armor overhaul is nearing completion.The Lab allows you to construct your own weapons, with special properties and customizations, based on rare materials (many which are new) you find in the world.New games - Using an existing save is NOT recommended, as it does not use the proper allocated stats or fl studio 10 full version windows 7 64 bit spawns or experience/levels, and defeats the intended purpose of this mod.Poison damage is overhauled in Horizon.Storage - Cargo Bots that can be summoned to carry junk back to your settlements. If you want to make sure Horizon is using the hc_manager properly, you can even delete hc_x from "scripts/hardcore" folder. If you'd like to share your custom Horizon DEF_UI config, let me know.Make sure you're using the newest version of DEF_UI, as the older versions do not show a scrollbar if there's more than 5 ingredients.