Federal employee w2 box 14 code 6

federal employee w2 box 14 code 6

Q - Amount of nontaxable military combat pay.
Uncollected Medicare tax on taxable cost of group-term life insurance over 50,000.
Current year W-2 Form is available at no charge.The number reported in this box cannot exceed the maximum taxable amount of 106,800.Box 20: Locality name - The description of the place - like a city or town - that also withheld taxes.If your msn games zuma deluxe name or Social Security Number is incorrect on your W-2 Form: Contact your department Human Resources Manager to correct your employee record.This includes: Tips, bonuses, commissions, wages, salaries, enter the amount in this box on Forms 10A, Line 7, or Form 1040EZ, Line.Box 19: Local income tax - The amount of tax withheld for the locality in Box.F - Pre-tax contributions to an employer's salary-reduction Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan.No federal or state taxes should be withheld.This amount isnt taxable.
E - Pre-tax contributions to an employer's tax-sheltered annuity plan.
Boxes e and f: Employee's name and address - Your full name and current address.Box 11: Nonqualified plans - The total payments you received from your employer's nonqualified retirement plan.Box 10: Dependent care benefits This box reports the total amount of dependent care expenses/services (e.g., daycare facilities) that was paid for or provided by the employer during the year, through a dependent care assistance program.How To: Declare or Change Withholding Allowance.You shouldn't need to do anything with the amount shown in Box 14 of your W-2 for S125, but you can verify the amount shown by checking your own records.Box 17: State Income Tax Total state income tax withheld Reference Payroll tax deduction code CA Withholding on your Pay Statement.To learn more, see Total Tax in the Form 1040 Instructions.Alumni Center All recent students, requesting Duplicate W-2 Forms, current employees may access current and prior year W-2 Forms at any time, directly from Axess.This box can be used to report wages from two states, separated by the broken line.Copy D: This copy is kept by the employer, for their records.