Game empire earth iv

game empire earth iv

5 Made an important thing for a game: Reduced the number of buildings in territory.
The heads light up in the fall.
Do not make a massacre 10 player map size of!
Icons, ideas - e24ever, maps - LeVon Levoni The original game patch - DrMonaLisa Promotion of the project, English text description - ilih1997g Maps - ADM_RUS A team of testers: RGV1 Michael34 DarkElfe skif_89 androon-cool Dragon_ua Ivan12345 @ Uzer DrMonaLisa ADM_RUS NagvalRus Axel ilih1997g Special.Enthaltene Extras: Handbuch (30 Seiten) 3 HD Hintergrundbilder 5 Avatare 5 Grafiken.For some video cards may have to reduce, and other settings.4 campaigns, total 60 new scenarios.Internet Gives the owner up to 2 technologies unlocked by other Civilizations.Org, russian version: m or in, official site of mod: - English version m - Russian version, summary!It is projected to have an expansion: The Art of Domination.
Made line of siege equipment epoch of 1-5.
Germany: 1-4 Germans, 5 Huns.Great Wonder Effect Great Lighthouse All ship units gain double the LOS.Legal civics Barbarism No technology required No effect Vassalage Requires Feudalism -50 kills required for a unit plugins after effects cs5 mac to become an Hero Bureaucracy Requires Civil Service 50 resource gathering and building speed Nationhood Requires Nationalism 50 morale in a province per Barracks Free Speech Requires Liberalism.Expensive and long construction.Finally, there's a new way to win: a Diplomatic Victory.50 culture in all cities.