German to english text converter

german to english text converter

Parts of texts can be converted, html can be parsed, you can search with regular expressions for special formatings to delete this part, change the format or replace the part with another text.
German English Dictionary, write a word in German then select a dictionary.Not many programs support, for example, replacing text across multiple lines, or many replacements simultaneously and even in more than one files.So you can immediately rewrite a Latin text in a text consisiting of - for instance - Greek, Arabic sonic 4 episode 2 beta or Japanese characters (or the other way arround).Behind numerous supported writing systems (rules of transcription are initialized) such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic, Georgic, Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana Hindi and Thai, you can also apply and save your own transcriptions or transliterations.English German Contextual Dictionary, german Dictionary (monolingual write a word in German then select a dictionary).Also functions like the usage of regular expressions, inserting constants like file name or file size, line numbers or sorting lines can not be found in any wonderful merciful savior accompaniment editor.That and much more makes can be done by the Text Converter, that can be downloaded on this page.Another example could be a writer or a programmer that require similar tasks.Speaking English, hello, welcome to our language portal!Alone this function can very helpful for web designers.
You can also translate your text to any of the available languages, and I will read out the translation.For example, it is possible to edit, insert and replace also Chinese, Cyrillic and Greek letters or other special Unicode characters as usual or perform another Unicode task.Convert your text to speech MP3 file.The TextConverter can also work with line breaks from different systems, so that you can use line actions without problems.Download the TextConverter for free in the download area for Windows and experience in the help section how you can benefit from the software.But also the opposite way can be gone using another function.Add background music to your Text to Voice.Just repeat after me!Unicode, with which it is possible to take full advantage of a variety of other functions.