Hp ps/2 keyboard jb

hp ps/2 keyboard jb

20 M hard disk password protect network folder windows 7 standard.
The Compaq Concerto has a 80486 running at 25 MHz and a 100 meg hard drive.The desktop system is highlighted by the Micro Channel(TM) Architecture with a 6SX 32-bit microprocessor, high density memory technology and a wide range of integrated features.The 12" monocrome screen is integrated with the computer.It have a 100 M hard disk,.44 M floppy drive, a hardly visible B/W VGA-LCD screen, cs 16 player skins a built in 2400 bps modem and weights.5 Kg (12 lbs.) without battery or power supply!The processor is a Z80 CPU running.4Mhz.Has to weigh in at 35 pounds.If they could be used at all.
These models has a color screen and pcmcia slots for external memory, modem or network card also featured a full-size keyboard, a pop-up mouse.
IBM PS/2 P70 386 (USA 1989) P stands for portable, it really should be L for "Luggable." The unit weights.5.
The Husky has 32MB RAM and a 129 MHz mips risc processor, internal.6kbps modem, IrDA infrared port and a LiION battery pack.6509A CPU 1MHz, 40K ROM (with basic 128K RAM Kindly donated by Staffan Viksén through PeO Grenholm Compaq Compaq PDA 2930A (USA) I don't have much information on this Compaq PDA.A keyboard as one unit was also available.The msn games zuma deluxe Omnibook 600 was introduced 1994 and the 800 in 1996.This computer kindly donated by Tomas Köpman Compaq LTE Lite/25 (USA 1992) From Compaq press release: Compaq Computer Corporation is pleased to announce its newest notebook products - a line of full featured, slimline, lightweight notebook personal computers.The Z-171 holds an Intel 80c88 microprocessor at 4,77 MHz.