Indie rock drum loops

indie rock drum loops

More than 1100 drum loops will more than satisfy your rock and hard rock groove needs.
For all styles of rock and hard rock, Drum Werks XVI is compatible with all.A.Drum Werks XX offers a powerful and versatile up-tempo collection of rock, alt rock, and indie rock grooves, the perfect complement to Drum Werks XIX.Inspire your uptempo rock drum tracks with a potent collection of straight-ahead grooves, fills, and single hit samples.Great new alt rock drum beats - guaranteed to inspire anyone who needs cohesive rock drums and drum performances.960 WAV Loops - 1,024 Multi-track drum loops (WAV).Groove Variety : You need loops played on all time-keeping sources: closed hihat, open hihat, ride, crash wash, and toms.More rock drum loop essentials on the companion library to Drum Werks.Versatile studio rock drum loops to inspire your music.Create powerful rock drum tracks instantly with Drum Werks xxvii: Groove Rock.This library of rock, alternative, pop-rock drum loops will supply the live feel to inspire and set your music apart.It has a bit of everything drawing from these musical genres.
A great mix of earthy drum sounds as well as fat grooves make this a very useful blues disc for multiple styles of blues and bluesy-based rock tracks as well.A thoroughly versatile and complete triplet and shuffle-based drum loop sample CD to create new blues, blues-based rock, and alt-country drum tracks.Played by a seasoned professional.From a laid-back 60 BPM to a blistering boogie collection at 180 BPM, Drum Werks XII will serves up the powerful blues grooves your tracks deserve.With our industry trend-setting Single Session sample library focus, student count day michigan 2012 you get a consistent drum sound across the entire Drum Werks XIX collection to make mixing and matching between Groove Sets seamless.With over 1200 drums and samples, Natural Grooves gives you complete control over an arsenal of pure acoustic grooves.The jam-packed follow-up to Drum Werks VII (same recording session Drum Werks viii is a versatile drum sample package, featuring over 650 acoustic drum loops and a complete matching multi-velocity sample set.