Instruments of fiscal policy in managerial economics

instruments of fiscal policy in managerial economics

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The recent global financial crisis has now led further credence to the debate on the relative effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies among economic analysts.
Federal Reserve Bank.The remaining portion of spending is discretionary.Now you know what's inside the fiscal policy toolkit and a little bit more about how the tools are used.Models 1 and 2 show that the current level of interest rate (INT portends a significant positive influence on nominal income series.34 Soludo, C, (2001).The paper, however, found that the current level of exchange rate and its immediate past level, domestic interest rate, current level of government revenue and current level of money supply are the appropriate policy instrument mix in promoting economic growth both in the short and.The result of Simorangkir and Adamanti (2010 however, showed that the combination of fiscal and monetary expansion boosts economic growth of Indonesia effectively.One reason only, and that's to stamp out inflation.Conclusions The paper determined the appropriate mix of fiscal and monetary policy indicators in attaining rapid and sustainable economic growth in Nigeria.The rest of the paper is organized structured into the following sections as follows: Section II reviews the existing literature on the relative effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy in developed and developing countries while Section III focuses on the research methodology.
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The Bangladesh Economic Review, 22, 559-576.
The paper concluded that fiscal and monetary policies had galvanized government to commit budgetary management which would also address windows xp show hidden files registry key anomalies in the financial system.The tax which is paid by a person, on whom it is imposed and cannot be shifted is called a direct tax.It can borrow from within the country and from outside the country.Imagine that Sam is sick.Old age pensions, unemployment allowances, etc.) in providing economic and / or social overheads (such as transport and communication, health, education, electricity, drinking water, etc.) in maintaining economic stability, in providing welfare activities and in promoting economic development.The tools of contractionary fiscal policy are used in reverse.Contrary to the finding above, some other studies on developed countries have found fiscal policy performing better than monetary actions.The paper, indeed, found positive influence of monetary and fiscal policy indicators on both nominal and real economic growth in the long run.