King of the road game for computer

king of the road game for computer

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Add Screenshots, add Video, report File, king of the Road angry birds game full version key is an improved version of Hard Truck.
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible, directX:.0, keyboard and Mouse.Platform (s Microsoft Windows, PC, language: English, version: Full Game.The premise of Hard Truck 2: King of the Road free download PC is simple.You need to move different cargo from point A to point B without damaging.King of The Road, update Information, update Boxart.King of the Road is an extension of the game intended for the European market.
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If you crash and damage the goods, you will reduce their value, which means that you will receive less money for delivering.The CB radio is not only used to talk to other drivers, but also to negotiate with the mob and the police, who are always on your tail, with wild chases over county borders.The main improvements over Hard Truck 2 are the new refueling system in the simulation mode, different fuel prices, a revamped repair menu, better graphics, driving physics and collision objects, new equipment and gameplay balancing.Servicing and refueling at regular intervals is necessary, and you can invest in scanners, protection systems and other equipment.It offers a great selection of trucks (and a couple of cars, too) along with great gameplay and graphics.The first company to own a 51 share in the delivery market, wins.RAM: 128 MB, hard Drive: 300 MB Free, video Memory:.All the cities have fictional names, although they are actually imitations of certain.S.8.2) RUS / ENG - RePack.If they are illegal, you should beware of the cop patrols on the road.