Lego rock raiders windows 7

lego rock raiders windows 7

Lego Rock Raiders, update Information, update Boxart, add Screenshots.
At the end of each mission Chief would evaluate the player's work, examining various aspects of the mission.
There are twenty-five missions total, each of them is in either a rock, lava/volcanic or ice cavern environment.Note: PS1 version of Rock Raiders is a completely different game, it is more an action adventure where windows media player 10 win 2000 you control only one character.Release Date: 1999, developer: Data Design Interactive, publisher: Lego Media.Bonus: Manual, mp3 music, box art, loading screen image, MD5 hashes.Some missions require the player to locate Rock Raiders that have been trapped in landslides, or to find certain pieces of equipment and bring it back to their base.Story, the Rock Raiders crew are about to embark on a journey home to Earth when their ship, the LMS Explorer, flies into an asteroid field.CPU: Pentium 200 MHz MMX, memory: 32 MB RAM, video: 4 MB PCI or AGP Direct3D compatible card.The ship becomes badly damaged and to make matters worse, they are sucked into a wormhole.With the ship running on emergency power, cars toon mater tall tales gameplay they find a nearby planet which is rich in energy crystals.When they come to, they realize that the ship is in a galaxy far away from their own.
Minimum PC requirements, oS: 100 Windows 95/98 DirectX Compatible Computer.Input Device: 100 Windows 95/98 compatible mouse and keyboard (Serial/PS2 or USB).Most missions require the player to collect a certain amount of Energy Crystals, the required amount starts low but gradually gets higher in later missions.CD-ROM: 4x speed or faster CD-ROM / DVD drive.Add Video, report File, game: Lego Rock Raiders.0 (UK).Gameplay, the PC version is a RTS.Image type: Bin/cue, crack: Included on CD, archive type: Rar (3 recovery record).Their only chance to make it home is collect enough energy crystals to power the ship so they are able to fly back home.