Linux list of users logged in

linux list of users logged in

Posts: 12,612, rep: 'users' gives me a list of logged in users.
Member, registered: Mar photoshop cs6 german patch mac 2002, location: ma, distribution: slackware.There are many ways of accomplishing the same objective with very simple tools.It is one of the command dont have any option other than help and version.In this article let us review 4 different methods to identify who is on your Linux system.In this guide, we will introduce the basic ideas behind user management and authentication logging.Sarin, 08:11 PM # 7 hanzerik Member Registered: Jan 2002 Location: Cheyenne Wyoming Distribution: Debian/Raspbian/Mint Posts: 717 Rep: Or you can use screen ssh into your host, and start whatever program you want, lets say you want to do a little irc: screen Bitchx.This allows for more flexibility in shared directories by setting a flag called setgid, which gives files inside the directory the same group owner as the directory itself.User private groups create a private group for each user and set that group as the primary group.Though this is the only method i have used.
Each line describes a distinct user.
You can see that many of the group names mirror the users we discovered on our system.It's located in: /var/log/secure, it gives you logins and logouts.We can see the whole file by typing: less /etc/group root:x:0: daemon:x:1: bin:x:2: sys:x:3: adm:x:4: tty:x:5: disk:x:6.For instance, " www-data " is configured as the owner of web server processes.The information will be read from /var/run/utmp file.