Medieval 2 total war britannia cheat codes

medieval 2 total war britannia cheat codes

Mercenary Rocket Launcher to selected city or unit - houston The code does seem to work for characters with a second name.
The code does seem to work for characters with a second name.
Move object - move_character settler or unit name x coord y coord create_unit "settlement or character" "unit ID" "amount from 1-5" "experience from 1-9" "armor from 1-3" "weapon from 1-3" - Create unit.
The Ballista also ignores armor, thus allowing it to hit units such as heavy cavalry with ease if positioned correctly.Academic_advisor accomplice adultress architect chastity_belt diplomatic_escort explosives femme_fatale fine_cosmetics herald mercenary_captain secret_love witch_hunter zealous_disciple amerigo_vespucci marco_polo martin_luther jan_zizka raphael niels_ebbesen arnold_von_winkelried geoffrey_chaucer john_wycliffe bertrand_du_guesclin aldus_manutius michaelangelo hair_from_mohammeds_beard doctor tutor bard catamite apothecary drillmaster quartermaster biographer mentor taticius brilliant_inventor foodtaster librarian magician mathematician poisoner shieldbearer bodyguard.As a western faction you can send a general.Add_population "settlement name" "amount" Allows you to give a city more population automatically.Apparently, there is a way to get your generals to have children faster than usual.Press the tilde key and enter these codes to use them.Toggles fog of war - toggle_fow.
This ensures youll never run out of time if you are a slow player like me who enjoys consolidating after each conquest.Press Auto Retaliate button to automatically wins; enter code at the battle scroll - auto_win create_unit "settlement_or_character" "unitID" amount experience armor weapon where: amount (1-5 experience (1-9 armor (1-3 weapon (1-3).Generals seem to start having babies when all of their siblings are married.Remember to back up the file before altering any inputs Maximizing the Balista: The use of the Balista siege unit has become more so compared to Rome: Total War as now it is dangerously more accurate and packs more ammunition.Elephant Rocketeer to selected city or unit - vindaloo.Type one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.The first few times eset nod32 username and password full version you may want to save right before typing the code because a mistake is easily made.Add_population - Give city more population give_trait - Give any trait your faction can have to a specific general process_cq - Anything in city's building queue built automatically add_money - Get indicated amount of gold toggle_fow - Toggles fog of war give_trait - Give any.Now just save and close and youll have all your factions unlocked.4.Open it using notepad.