Medieval 2 total war kingdoms grand campaign mod final

medieval 2 total war kingdoms grand campaign mod final

New settlements added to the garrison script.
Princess comes of age added for local faction only (thanks to Dearmad).
Campaign end date now moved to 1380.
If that does not work, you're one of the unlucky ones and you will have to do the Regedit instructions.Vietanh797 for beta testing.Warning: If you do this and mess up your create virtual hard disk sccm 2012 computer (and you can seriously brick it if macromediahand mx 11.0.2 serial number you don't pay attention that's your own fault.A few extra new regions -Princesses added for KOJ and Antioch.Right click 'version' and select Modify.In the bottom box put '1.03.00' without the"s.New world cuirassers description fixed.1) Download the conquest rt1.rar, conquest rt2.rar, and conquest rt3.rar.Launching the mod - After installing everything, i was left with no way of launching the mod.You must have version.0 installed.
Timurids now only spawn around the Holy Land.
It automatically installs the mod using this path.Main features: - 25 new and unique custom settlements - Several new units - New High Elves - New battlefield textures - New skies, water and weather - New campaign map textures features - More settlements - New gameplay elements (The One Ring, Palantirs, Autonomous.Massive improvement to Mongol performance thanks to xeryx.Original battlemap movement speeds.Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod Patch.1.Horde removed, mongols now work like a normal faction.