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You sickos just can't stop overfeeding this poor Mew.
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What Pokemon evoke feels in you and why?We think that there is a View Convince me to NOT buy USM Give me a reason that's a big enough deal to hate and boycott it You View WiFi General - /wfg/ - Repeating Lileep Edition: Trading - Multis - Almost Dying - Waiting.I know you got really shitty after XY and 20th brought in all the normies, View My pokemon evolved into the best pokemon ever: jelly, /vp/?Don't bother sitting down because you'll just stand up lego rock raiders windows 7 when yo View How would /vp/ react if DP remakes never happened gmail hacking software trial and someone at Gamefreak just wrote a letter about View ITT: Disappointing mons dude Speed is my only good stat dies to fucking fury.View Do you know what gen most pokemon are from or do you get them mixed up?What do you lads think about the viability of View Hey!Does View Can we get a Rotom thread please?: This board is cancerino as hell with all those terrible threads.