Nissin di622 mark ii user manual

nissin di622 mark ii user manual

Which is less than a mid range set of manual-only triggers.
In comparison the Kings come with a number of cords, batteries, stands, and a very nice padded case (which I love and still use for everything else too).
The Strato II otherwise are a nicely refined design basically at the top of their class, where as the 622C are currently the cheapest in their class, a first new model, and so not as refined in physical design.
No Shutter Release This is not uncommon with TTL triggers just due to they way they operate.This means that if your umbrella swivel etc does not have a cold shoe already, you will windows 8.1 pro activation key list need some form of coldshoe with threaded mounting hole in the base to attach a 5/8 stud etc.I had one small issue from the start where the camera would not go over x-sync without a HSS flash attached, though a quick factory reset of the triggers resolved that, and no problems since.The Nikon is truly robust and built for a long life; plus it has the lock button for the flash head which is missing at Nissin.Di622-II which means you can plan with a usable range of around 20 meters (see here for the wireless slave mode range test results ).But what you get is a very well thought through menu system which is easy and logical to navigate see the image for a screen of the Di-866 1 user interface.Now changing sides and looking at the feature advantage for Canon : the 580EX II flash head has full 360 degree swivel and close-up tilt of minus 7 degrees, plus slightly better wide angle coverage of 14mm (Nissin starts at 18mm only).A Flash mounted on top of the 622C on camera is definitely a little more firm fitting than the Pixel Kings, but still not as neat as the Phottix Strato II for example which have pretty much set the standard for a neat fit so far.
Id say theres a slight advantage for Nikon but its actually more a matter of taste almost.
(300v safe trigger voltage is also available through the PC sync port ) Permalink camera compatibility The functions available with the 662C do depend on camera and flash models used, and they are basically split into Type A B Cameras (and Mark I II style flashes).
The Canon 580EX II, on the other hand, is extremely well built really a tank designed for professional use.The third group C can only be a background light, if you aim C at the subject it can blow out the exposure.On the feature front it scores with a wireless master mode, very high guide number, even auto mode and 2 optical slaves.The SB-900 is pretty easy to use with a large number of direct keys for frequent settings,.g.Also, expect the AF assist of the Canon to perform better; assuming it remained unchanged from the Mark I, you find a dual-beam construction on the Di-866 but not the projected stripe pattern you have on a Canon or Nikon.Update June 2014, the, yN-622C-TX transmitter units are now also available to control YN-622C as receiver units.One caveat here: flash recycling time might be an issue official recycling times are the same, but in our testing the Di866 mark I was not very fast; it remains to be seens if the new 866 fares better.Pdf An alternative User Guide price AND availability Pricing is from around 80 a pair YN622C II Canon Amazon, YongNuo Amazon, UK, Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Adorama, B H Photo YN622N II Nikon Amazon, YongNuo Amazon, UK, Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Adorama, B H Photo YN-622C Canon Amazon.The flash is not compatible with analog EOS bodies, even if they feature support of ettl.Ettl Ratio With the Canon system you really only have a ratio available between 2 groups at most (A B).