Photoshop cs3 shortcut keys

photoshop cs3 shortcut keys

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To keep things simple, I'll use Mac shortcut keys.The initial Command-C copies whatever is selected in the current layer.Steve Fairbairn, oct 27, 2008 3:40.To zoom into a specific area on windows vista media player codec pack the fly, hold down the Spacebar (so this won't work if you're editing text) and *then* add the Command key, giving you a temporary Zoom tool.Photoshop's Command-Z only undoes the most recent action.Watch the Option bar at the top to preview the amount of softness/hardness as you tap the keys.Unlike Microsoft Word, Photoshop does not allow you to use the.
At the bottom of the History palette, click create NEW snapshop The new snapshot is created in the snapshot section of the History palette.
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Plus, I'll show you techniques on how to be quicker and more nimble when using layers, adjustment layers, layer masks and much, much more.To keep a particular state saved in the History palette throughout the whole work session, a snapshot can be made.Undoing power iso 4.8 with crack Actions with the History Palette From the History palette, select the image state you would like to revert to Begin working on the image from that state Making a Snapshot The Snapshot command lets you make a temporary copy (or snapshot) of any image.By selecting a previous image state from the History palette you can begin working from that point, erasing all states that followed.However, Command-Option-Z serves as both a regular Undo as well as an Undo again.In the more recent versions of Photoshop, you can add the Shift key to select multiple layers Shift-Option-.