Podcast app new episodes

podcast app new episodes

First, Pocket Casts doesnt support private, secure, or authenticated podcast feeds.
If you have a long memory, you might remember when Pocket Casts for Android was a terrible port of its iOS version.
Catherine Burns, The Moths Artistic Director, and George Dawes Green, The Moth founder, join Dan Kennedy in hosting.
Open the Settings app from the home screen, select General and then Storage iCloud Usage.Castro downplays that in a sort of radical rethinking that has a lot of merit.At the top, theres a label reading All with the currently total number of podcasts.Has day/night themes, and a sleep timer so you can fall asleep to a podcast or set auto-cutoff after a given time.Its free, you get what you pay for, and I dont mean that in a bad way.There are some useful features here though, like per-podcast settings for auto-download and deletion and Chromecast support, but dont expect anything crazy.Tap a podcast episode anywhere in the app and, instead of that episode playing immediately, youre presented with a set of contextual options.Playing any episode also moves it to the top of the queue.Like most third-party podcast apps, Castro can import and export a standard format list game commando 2 full version of subscriptions, and even has a specific option to import from Castro 1, Overcast, and the Apple app.Lifehackers App Directory is a new and growing directory of recommendations for the best applications and tools in a number of given categories.
Its pretty feature rich for a freemium podcast app, which makes it well worth a look if youre willing to put up with ads.
Like the others above, it also has Chromecast support and Android Wear notifications, which are nice.
If youre going to drop the money on it though, well, thats a tough one since there are other premium podcast apps with more mature interfaces and more useful features that money could go towards.If it bugs you as it does me, when I miss a tap target in some podcasts apps to get show notes and the episode starts playing instead, youll prefer this method, too.The, apple Podcasts app has built-in tools to help you manage your subscriptions and the individual shows you download.The playback view is a mix of immediately useful and less frequently needed features, and omits shownotes.In the Queue, you can drag episodes around to change playback order.Tap any icon, and you can see just those episodes.Does this mean the space is getting tight on my iPhone?A flat fee and a niche found.While its pretty and functional, its too clever by half for my liking, and doesnt match the generic, familiar audio-scrub interface thats part of iOS.This shifts the entire question of what to listen to next, as the Queue becomes a manageable master playlist.