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If the crowd doesn't like what marvel ultimate alliance 100 save game I am playing, I always have the option to play something else, and mix on the fly.
I watched you play for about 1 culoe de song isondo 1/2 hours with out headphones.And the more time and effort I put into that, the more time and effort I put into preparing my mixes.Im not in this to prove I have balls.Please don't take offense to the post, I am ranting, but not directly at you, I have seen some other ppl do it and it disapoints me that some ppl who aren't "DJ" ing are taking paying gigs from people who have honed the skill.I see this debate as just another opportunity to learn.But I can tell you 1 indisputable fact: the DJ game is built on respect, and if your cheating the game it wont be long before you have become blacklisted.December 11, 2009 at 4:45pm, terry Moran, terry Moran no - not right.January 7 at 6:30pm Leo Fabrikant Leo Fabrikant And thats only done when I think I have some very interesting mixes.Pre-mixing the majority of the set at home, then standing there while it plays.I dont pre-record anything.And that I shouldnt have played it at the club because I took the time and effort to prepare it at home.
January 7 at 6:38pm Leo Fabrikant Leo Fabrikant haha.
Just ask anyone that has heard me opening at Underbar.
There is more to it than playing a pre-recorded mix or 2 or 3 at a club.Im going to spend a ridiculous amount of time at home finding interesting and unique ways to mix tracks, and then employing what I have prepared and learned at my sets, so that I can stand out.There are what I might call "party DJs" whose responsibility it is to basically give the crowd whatever they want.With acoustica cd dvd label maker. version 3.33 the advanced version, you get added features like graphic pipeline and 3D rendering; it takes designing to a whole new level.The better off ile.This is a toughy.