Rome total war 2 radious unit pack 1

rome total war 2 radious unit pack 1

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I usually draw them 2X the scale of photoshop 7 for windows 8.1 orginal when I begin.
It should be compatible with any other mod that doesn't change unit cards, because skyrim 1.9 patch pc it only replaces vanilla pictures (no conflict with Radious mods has been reported).
I of course use some of the picture parts later, as it doesn't make sense to draw a helmet (f.ex) again, if I have one that works perfectly.I don't want to take credit for what you did with them, especially if you'll ruin my work Also, would be nice to let me know via PM, or in this thread that you're using them.Buip, have a question?I actually hate screenshot unit cards (seriously, I despise them) and those stylized unit cards are step in right direction in my opinion, although this simplistic style has it's drawbacks and sometimes its hard to quickly distinguish those units.Some (most) of unit icons made so far: Germans: Iberians: Romans: Italians: Carthage: Celts previous version: Britons, greeks: some of the above changed a little: Eastern: rest of eastern units is below, in "unsorted" category for now.This is solo project.Like the savage dog icon (the one at the bottom of this post) I've made as a test to see if I can do it that way.At the end of that post.If someone would make crappy one, I would hate myself (Or the other way around - I'm not sure).Many people have lost their minds.
If you like my mod and wish to use it in your project I don't see why not.We'll see what life thinks about.I'm sharing this, cause I hope someone might like it and it seems like a waste of effort to let them rot on.This way you should have file "MOD_bullgod_icons_Rome_ck" (as it's probably unnecessary to have loose file along with MOD type version) inside Rome2/Data folder and there should be Rome2/data/UI/Units/icons folder created with all my icons inside and Rome2/data/UI/Units/mask folder with the same number of files.It doesn't Photoshop, PC mouse and t if I work on my netbook, as it's sufficient to work on png files "pixelart style".Because there are questions that seem to repeat themselves in comments or PMs, I wanted to answer them upfront:.I don't think I would know how to cooperate with someone else on this.