Rome total war 2 review mac

rome total war 2 review mac

I also appreciate the hundreds and hundreds of unit types available.
Likewise, the province list and overlays for the strategic map tell you which provinces are suffering from high or low public order, but that information is much less irrelevant than whether or not order is improving or worsening.
While it's a fun feature that adds a bit of story and character to your forces, it also seems somewhat redundant in the face of the time you've presumably already spent building up the right mix of forces, researching the appropriate technologies, and applying your.
I did have to set the graphics to low and I still experienced some lag time, especially when loading larger cut scenes.FAQ for more information specific to the Mac version of the game.This game is one of the very best games in its genre on the market today. .If you wanted to play with your PC buddies, youre unfortunately out of luck That said, you can join this.Some of the interest and opportunity depends on which of the eight the factions you choose to play as leading one of the major powers allows for lots of opportunity to grow and shape your empire.These might seem like small complaints, and they probably are for some players, but they are plentiful and represent a general unhelpfulness and inefficiency that requires you to dig for information or click through multiple screens to get where you need.Video: Intel HD 4000 / ATI Radeon HD 5770 / GTX 550.
Riots and revolts are not uncommon).Speaking of fighting, army control hasnt change much from past Total War games.If they're already on board with your culture, you might want an edict that improves tax rates lex luger instrumentals 2012 or the food supply.After playing through the three episodes of the Prologue, youre off to the Grand Campaign.First of all, Rome 2 offers a Prologue Campaign oriented towards new players and old-timers alike.It can be a pain to have to manually swap back and forth as needed, but I value the flexibility to match my army's attitudes with its current needs each turn.