Simone map editor 0.5.2

simone map editor 0.5.2

O You can now zoom AND pan Ramachandran and Kleywegt Plots.
O BUG-FIX: DNA in sequence view Miguel Ortiz Lombardia.From NMR, Rapper o change: Binaries no longer contain include file and static vasco da gama 5 hd keygen library "junk" Clemens Vonrhein o change: Check Waters results now display the occupancy too.O change: map windows media player 11 win 8 transformation no longer has symmetry overwrite problems JED.O BUG-FIX: Carbon-Iodine bond length limit lengthened.O change: Symmetry colour info added to state file Doug Kuntz.O BUG-FIX: Coot no longer crashes when deleting a residue with an Alt Conf JED.Lessons from models of SOD1-linked familial ALS.
Release.8.1 o change: Generic Dislay Objects dialog improved.
This departure may be static displacement associated with two major strike-slip earthquakes that occurred in the Gulf of Alaska between the 19 measurement sessions.
O BUG-FIX: Rotating/translating ligands in CALigands mode now works Jim Thorpe.O Symmetry atom pick, now we can pick any symmetry atom (not just ones close to the centre) PRE bug.O feature: "Fixed Atoms" for refinement have been introduced.O BUG-FIX: The Reset View button has been reworked.Not for resale without express authorization.