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Science is a grand web of cause-and-effect relationships between concepts, and these relationships must, in the long run, be mutually consistent between fields as well as within them.
In science, as in The Godfather : Its not personal, its business.
However, an alternative legitimate goal that does not require consultation with original authors is replicating what the authors reported.When the Michigan State researchers told her that they planned to replicate her study, Schnall had gladly provided them with the materials she used in her experiments (the moral dilemmas she asked subjects to consider, the procedures she followed, and so on).Those who create the incentives to produce particular kinds of research should do their part to reset expectations and realign priorities.Science article covering the special issue exchange 2007 disaster recovery plan was titled Replication Effort Provokes Praiseand Bullying Charges.For example, suppose an initial study of an experimental drug for cardiovascular disease suggests that it reduces the risk of heart attack by 50 percent pool live tour hack cnet compared to a placebo pill.rga, related video, inquirer calls for support for the victims in Marawi City.
Erasmus Funderburke Maybe a drug that consistently reduces cardiovascular risk by, say, 2 percent lacks enough practical value to offset its costs; thats for patients, doctors, and payers to decide.
When applied thoughtfully, this dichotomy can be useful shorthand (and weve used it here).Caution about single studies should go both ways, though.Other top journals, most notable among them Perspectives in Psychological Science, are devoting space to systematic replications and other confirmatory research.Publications like Harvard Business Review and idea conferences like TED, both major tutorial ms access 2007 dalam bahasa indonesia sources of thought leadership for managers and policymakers all over the world, emit a steady stream of these stats and curiosities.But is all else equal?But it seems just as likely that original authors could bias the outcome in a variety of ways, mostly pointing toward success.