Style keyboard yamaha psr 450

style keyboard yamaha psr 450

I added 'Laff' and 'Saeidy' of PSR-S550 to World1.
These changes are incorporated in the table below.
I have updated all the styles and added many new styles in 11 categories.
I included these styles in the World Category.Here I skipped some styles that were the same in 9k and later.I have added styles from the PSR-A3000.The PSR-OR700 holds all PSR-S700 preset styles and additional Oriental Styles.Editing Choir tracks are difficult because there are a lot of voice changes (MSB, LSB and Program Changes) and parameter changes (Control changes like Attack, Release, etc) in a single track.But Mega Choir Voices and t2 voices are not included.450 Preset Styles, the PSR-S970 has 450 Styles, including 10 all-new DJ styles, 366 Pro, 31 Session, 3 Free Play and 40 Audio Styles.I also modified the Ethnic Category.I viewed the CVP 109 styles from the PDF data list.For example, in Entertainer styles, 'SchlagerKit' is translated to 'HouseKit' of S970 (See 'KaiserSchlager 'KaiserShuffle, 'ModernSchlager1 2, 'SchlagerDiscoFox' and many others.) These styles also can be used in tyros3, 4, 5, CVP-509, 609, 709, S950 and S770.
In some styles I transferred R1 and R2 from other related styles as I did for Audio Styles.
Audio Styles add natural feel and warmth to any rhythm track for greater expressive potential than ever before.And styles having Oriental Voices (Nay, Er Hu, Di Zi,.) and Oriental Kits (Arabic1 and ArabicMix) in Ethnic category.I also added 5 Oriental styles to World4.For *aa I replaced BoysAah, GhoticVox test drive unlimited 1 savegame 100 and Choir (Legacy).To review the difference in these S970 collections: "Standard" Collection means Styles having Many Extraordinary voices (Sweet, Cool Live) except Mega voices in Tracks and OTS.I included the S970 Converted Audio styles.You can earn points for nearly everything you do.(Aug 15, 2017) Continued conversion of Oriental styles adding 6 new styles to World4-OR category.You can trade in those points for gift cards at leading retailers such as m and Walmart.