Supcom fa map editor

supcom fa map editor

Make sure the byte order is set to IBM PC!
The normal part of a stratum is not required, but will improve a stratums look by imitating small variations in height.
Select the Lower Stratum layer in the Layers window.
To able to use units and textures from Forged Alliance, copy the following files from your Forged Alliance gamedata folder to your Supreme Commander gamedata folder.Unfortunately, there was an unforeseen problem.Once you are satisfied with your settings, click the Enable automatic placement mode checkbox.If the editor gives you a black screen, simply restart the program.The map editor is stable, but there are certain elements beyond your control.There is line at the very top of this file that says version 3, DO NOT change this one.Map file names (before the extensions) are the same as the folder name or the vault will just say "no valid map datas" or something similar when you try to upload.
This guide will refer to it as Summer Duel, since were going to make a map similar to Winter Duel.
Youve also probably noticed that there isnt quite as much polish as Supreme Commander itself.
A range of 0 to 20 is good for getting up close to cliffs without actually placing anything on a cliff.This is where Photoshop comes.This cliff will shadow the one we just added, such that if an opponent can gain hold of it, they will gain a tactical stronghold against the enemys defenses.Next click on Export Heightmap where your brush choices used.VKDO8zf2afhc New Map Version ' X' is your version number Step 1: Open foldername Step 2: Go to mapname_a Step 3: Change the following.To gta iv mods for pc fix this, go to the blur tool within the Elevation layer.If the heightmap is below these values, the appropriate type of water will be rendered.