T shirt template photoshop cs5

t shirt template photoshop cs5

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If your dawn of war dark crusade patch 1.2 artwork is within the front part of the shirt: Step 1: First you need either a plain T-shirt on its own, or a model wearing a plain T-shirt.
Adjust fill and stroke colors.Depending on your tolerance level, you might get something like this on your first click, and you notice that not the whole shirt is selected but only parts of the same shade of white you clicked.Along with the usual smart objects, the PSD file includes realistic textures, driver netbook toshiba nb520 win7 folds displacement mapping and filter actions.Im sure you have wondered how designers put their designs on T-shirt/models before, or you might have needed to do a mock-up T-shirt design to submit for your class Tee.The top layer is an example of a shirt design, in this case, the phlearn.Duplicate that layer as a safety measure by right-clicking it and Duplicate Layer.Customize and experiment, use the Line tool to click-drag a straight line to draw an antenna on the boombox.Duplicate Layer as a safety measure.
Scale your image to the size you want.
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Free vector art clothing T-shirts template graphics to mock up your apparel, casual and outerwear designs.However, if you are set on using Photoshop, this tutorial will teach you how to design a T-shirt by using CS5.If you are not using your own photo or design, make sure you select a public domain image, which is free, or you can purchase a stock photo or design.Creative Cloud subscribers can choose from a library of vector art in Creative Cloud Market to refine your design.Holding shift simply adds your new selection to the existing selection.