Team fortress 2 level editor

team fortress 2 level editor

38.29.62 Skullpluggery Headshot 20 Snipers with the Ambassador.
22.06 Frontier Justice Have your sentry kill the enemy that just killed you within 10 seconds.
Attack and Defend : is a more complex version.
How many characters, maps, and props are included?and then heal 500 health.45.91 Laddy Macdeth Kill 50 enemies with direct hits from the Grenade Launcher.Kill 3 people with the Air Strike during a single rocket jump.Manage to get to and then remove a sapper placed on your building while you were several meters away.22.23 Claim Jumper Capture a control point within 12 seconds after exiting a teleporter. Clearcutter Kill 6 people with your axe in one life.
Can we use TF Store items?12.54.34 Turbocharger Buff 4 or more teammates as a Soldier at the same time in a single wave.Flight Control Kill a parachuting player while parachuting.27.16 Frags to Riches Earn all credit bonuses in an advanced difficulty mission.37.83 U-Turn Kill an enemy that you couldn't see at the beginning of your charge.Control Point: The, control Point game mode consists of some tactical points on the map, which have to be taken by a team to win.50.83.95 Revengineering Use a revenge crit current version plugin esn sonar api to kill the enemy player that destroyed your sentry gun.