The game vampire romance

the game vampire romance

Phelios's Descendants edit, the current version plugin esn sonar api Royal House of La Naan edit Queen Ramia Ishtar's hot-tempered widowed aunt and queen of La Naan.
This leads to the kitten being named Duzell.
In the epic last battle, King Phelios defeated Duzell by using a powerful spell that uses the caster's life force as a weapon to destroy the enemy, but kills the caster in the process.
In her dying moments, the kyawl gives birth to a kitten that houses Duzell's soul.Even when he is taking his last breath, he shown desire to be with Ishtar and Darres (in a none romantic way).Though his true form is a kyawl (a cat-like creature) he is able to change into any being from whom he draws blood.From there, the story turns into a comical, witty adventure that spans throughout the entire kingdom and affect everyone in it: friends, allies, enemies, family, and the common folk.He thinks that Ishtar is Phelios' reincarnation.Kindle Edition.99, the Vampire Kings Nanny, kindle Edition.99, your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.Lucy suggested that Yuujin is quite taken with Ishtar that he would put himself on the line for her.Seiliez The First, and eldest, of the three princes of La Naan.Lucas.3 out of 5 stars 1,248, kindle Edition.99, about Best Sellers in Paranormal Vampire Romance.Characters edit, main article: List of Vampire Game characters, main Character edit.The series has 15 volumes in all.
His holy magic abilities and his years of studying poisons have made him one of the most powerful members of Phelios' bloodline.
Laphiji Laphiji is the middle son and the quiet one of the three.Though loyal to a fault, she often hurts situations more than she helps, which Duzell or Darres have to fix.He is a master swordsman.Yujinn, yujinn is actually Ishtar's cousin Yuujel masquerading as her spell tutor.He attempts to attack her, but Darres shows up and kills the kyawl.While the matter is dismissed by Ishtar's advisor, Sir Keld, Ishtar takes off to investigate in disguise as a holy knight, bringing the Phelios bloodline's heirloom sword Sidia.He is rarely seen with a smile and is often called creepy by several of the other characters.Though he shown affection towards Ishtar, he constantly tries to put Darres and Ishtar together.She is held captive by Lassen and is not introduced until book.