Tokimeki memorial girl's side original game soundtrack

tokimeki memorial girl's side original game soundtrack

3 - Thunder Force III Technosoft Game Music Collection Vol.
Once, she even tells the protagonist the model of an airplane just by listening to its engine sound, despite the fact that the plane is so far away that the protagonist cannot even see.Backstory : Explored in Tokimemo 1: Tabidachi no Uta, when Shiori and Naoto talk about their past, and Tokimemo 2: Memories Ringing On with Kotoko.In contrast this isn't the case for the Girls Side games.Suzune in Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol.Tsugumi is very talented at language and literature.In the end, on the graduation day of the protagonist, she will appear to confess her love to the protagonist under the legendary tree, saying that it does not matter even if it is not her graduation day.Rhythmy in Tokimemo 4 personifies this trope.In Tokimemo 4, the girls can sometimes be Lethal Chefs on purpose.This is optional though, as you can also tell her she's fine with them, and she'll wear them in the end.
Lethal Chef : The standard branch of the series likes to explore the cooking skills of the Kohai characters.Canon Discontinuity : With the advent of Tokimeki Memorial 4, which takes place 15 years after the events of Tokimeki Memorial 1, and thus sets the time of the 1st game to the original PC-Engine version of 1994 to 1997, all cameo appearances of Tokimemo.Shooting chronicle Tobal.Shrinking Violet : Megumi, Miharu and Mio in 1, Kaedeko in 2, Haruna.1, the game celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Tokimeki Memorial franchise.Meet The Tenchi Muyo Tenchi Muyo!Shira Oka: Second Chances, a game that strives to be as complex as the Tokimeki Memorial series, can be considered titanium backup activator 2012 an unofficial spiritual successor.Likewise all of the main guys from the first Girl's Side game make appearances in certain background art for the second Girl's Side game.