Torchlight 2 berserker build

torchlight 2 berserker build

Just put 1 point here and make sure to cast this every time.
Then focus around the half of dextery and vitality around 10 or 15 points below focus.Refer to the Main or Additional Equipment Stats above for more stats to find.Use this to greatly reduce niv pocket bible zip your enemies' overall speed and to give your attacks some extra boost.Superior levels: Stats, just keep up leveling strenght (try to keep a little more than dex* around 10 extra points) and dextery a lot.Focus will give you the ability to execute enemies, which will boost your frenzy recharge and kill enemies faster.Claws: Very fast attack speeds and with some?Health Stolen on hit -?GET over here!) and the battle standard ability (which gives you and your allies knockback resistance, extra dodge and charges frenzy faster) all of these are in the shadow skill tree.
Here's a trick: When auto attacking large monsters, use this skill right before they land their heavy attacks to avoid.
Procs if you get hit and it can also increase your Charge bar!
Main Equipment Stats (Enchants, Socketables and Stat Bonuses to Find).Aim for at least 15,000 Health, specially when playing Elite.) - All damage taken is reduced by?You should be standing behind the monster, then repeat.Dexterity: 176 30 Critical Chance (based on Arcane Statistics) - Focus: 5 - Vitality: 5, stats Allocation - (Dexterity: world book encyclopedia 2012 5) or (Strength: 1 and Dexterity: 4) until Dexterity hits 176.It is dependent to your weapon's DPS and it has an uncomfortable duration, but overall, it still a very good skill to get specially for boss battles.