Tutorial autocad bahasa indonesia

tutorial autocad bahasa indonesia

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If youve ever had to do the same thing with AutoCAD twice think about how you could automate it so you never have to do it again.
In this example we will write a script that will automate a typical plot routine.
Debugging, it may take you a couple of goes to get your script to run.Watch out for character wrapping inherited from the AutoCAD text window.Creating the script file, the next step is to open a new blank notepad file (Please dont be tempted to use Word or another word processing programme for this!).Paul Is currently working on his first eBook '101 Autocadtips' You can find out more here.Ou acheter du viagra a geneve, prix cialis france, ordonnance en ligne pour viagra.Tip: If you dont know the answer to the question AutoCAD is asking you, type?