Uncharted 3 guide pdf

uncharted 3 guide pdf

This battle is pretty straightforward: in the middle of the room is a yellow button; stepping on this will lower the stone blocks surrounding statues at the corners of the room. .
Bonus: The northern cave exit has a chest with a heart refill.Board your boat and set sail for Gillfolks Drop: were now ready to go back to the Cavern of Fire.Snake your way around to the northeast. .So, as soon as you see him start to crumble, open your Items menu and equip the boots, then roll towards the side that fell.Bonus: Take the stairs down into the water and open the chest in the north part of this room for 50 coins. .Return to and enter the gate that is now open.Chapter 12, abducted (7 Treasures chapter 13, rough Seas (3 Treasures).Bonus: Walk west from the Grave Keepers door, past the well and drop down a level to a Bloodstone.Talk to the brunette man in a brown tunic thats wandering around town to reveal the location of the Withered log horizon episode 5 animepremium Lands.
Head to the Master Key door in the east-central section of this room.Cross the bridge and use a bomb to blow up the pile of wooden crates you come.On the west side of the room, press the yellow button to flood the lower level.Push the metal crate off the ledge, and then drop down onto the crate.This lowers the stone gate around a treasure chest and activates the laser eye statue. .Follow this straightforward path until you emerge next to a reset button and some metal crates. .Finally, reach the ladder, grab onto it and slide down to reach the lower ground.Go up the stairs and into the house. .Cross the crate bridge to get a silver key, and then return to the unlit lamps.Bonus: Just after the gate, bomb the wall on the eastern side where the pile of rocks lies. .