Visual studio 2012 msdn library

visual studio 2012 msdn library

This is part of the Core Language support.
Code analysis is included in most editions of Visual Studio 2012.
Here are some other code analysis enhancements: New concurrency warnings help you avoid concurrency bugs by making sure that you are using the correct locking disciplines in multithreaded C/C programs.
To generate a dependency graph for include files, on the shortcut menu for a *.cpp source code file or *.h header file, choose Generate Graph of Include Files.Statistics 4,681,906 total downloads 3,973,259 downloads of latest version 2,643 downloads per day (avg).For more information, see.For shogun 2 fall of the samurai crack tpb more information, see How to: Use the Parallel Watch Window.By using the Architecture Explorer, you can explore the assets in your C solution, projects, or files.For certain C warnings, the message lists source lines that show the execution path that leads to the warning; decision points and the reasons for taking that specific path are highlighted.For more information, see Using IntelliSense.The analyzer detects potential race conditions, lock order inversions, caller/callee locking contract violations, mismatched synchronization operations, and other concurrency bugs.
The compiler analyzes loops in your code and, where possible, emits instructions that use the vector registers and instructions that are present in all modern processors.
The auto-vectorizer and auto-parallelizer can work together so that calculations are spread across multiple cores and the code on each core uses its vector registers.(The processor instructions are known as SSE, for Streaming simd Extensions).See Using Code Coverage to Determine How Much Code is being Tested.Windows Phone Silverlight 8 projects can use this package to get access to async extension methods for the networking types.For more information about IDE enhancements, see Product Highlights for Visual Studio 2012.Use the new C unit test framework in Visual Studio to write C unit tests.To optimize memory resource usage, containers are now smaller.Code analysis is not included in the Express edition for Web.Parallel Algorithms, which support fork-join parallelism ( parallel_for, parallel_for with affinity, parallel_for_each, parallel_sort, parallel_reduce, parallel_transform ).