Windows server 2008 workgroup

windows server 2008 workgroup

Solved, posted on to share folders in a workgroup environment on windows 2008/2012 server with xp and win 7 pcs - is there additional client licensing that we need to purchase?
You only have one GPO and it seems to have the correct settings.
Personally, if I were you, I'd join the client comptuer to the domain, logon once with your domain account, reboot (to be sure that there aren't any open handles to any user registries left open logon as "Administrator" (assuming the local account you've been using.
heard there are some software for workgroup folder sharing, are these recommended?It worked for over a year now, and now it doesnt work any more.Double click that entry to open its properties.Reply With", 08:35 #8, i tend to agree about the registry changes.The User's password must be changed before logging on the first time.This page resides inside the following folder: C:ml Where C is the drive you have Windows Server installed on, and Administrator is the name of the user you are logging with.Last edited by mundey; at 00:32.Reply With", 09:12 #2, gPOs are applied in order, with the last applied having the highest priority - it may change any previous setting.
Reply With", 12:00 #4, that is an odd one.
Everything worked as expected, except that we are not able to access the shared folders on windows 2008 server even after providing the correct credentials.
The PCs are connected in a Workgroup, and the server is used mainly as a dhcp server, internet access and for common file sharing.In the Properties window, set the dropdown.Remote Desktop : It is disabled by default, and you will need to enable it if you wish to remotely control this server.One item that is particular offensive, however, is applications that store paths referencing "C:Documents and Settings." (or "C:Users." if you're in a Windows Vista / 7 world) in the registry.(Thanks, stupid app developers.).I electronic instrumentation by h s kalsi pdf have noted that by deleteing best c tutorial pdf the gpo on non-admins the users have complete access to everything, and i do set up alot of restrictions, like run, contronpannel, hide all drives from my computer and alot more.