Woocommerce product vendor plugin

woocommerce product vendor plugin

"type "integer", "download_expiry "required false, "description "Number of days until access to downloadable files expires.
Description string Product description."type "integer", "download_expiry "required false, "default -1, "description "Number of days until access to downloadable files expires.Slug string Product slug.Title string Shipping method title."type "string", "hide_empty "required false, "default false, "description "Whether to hide resources not assigned to any products."type "integer", "order "required false, "default "asc "enum "asc "desc", "description "Order sort attribute ascending or descending.Options: taxable and none.Tip string Additional help text shown to the user about the setting."placeholder "Optional", links "self "href, "collection "href This API lets you make changes to a payment gateway.Create a webhook This API helps you to create a new webhook.
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